What’s your personality type? Categorized by your response to masks.

3 ways people respond to mandated masks and soon to be mandated vaccines

Below is my analysis of different ways people obey the demands of perceived authority. ALSO INCLUDES a bonus group in case you make it to the end. Regardless of your answer to Question One below, ask yourself while reading this: which group do you fall into?

I group these people based on how they answer two questions

Question 1: Is the mandate good and logical?
Question 2: How do I treat others based on their answer to question one?

The ignorant enablers

Believes mandate is bad, personally complies, don’t require others to comply

Those who comply to be socially accepted are “ignorant allowers of evil.” Although they disagree and think the rules lack logic, they go along with the herd. These people are too occupied by work/stress/life to consider the long term ramifications of blind compliance. These people are fairly innocent, personally obeying orders but not forcing their belief system upon others. In my humble opinion, this group has little courage and moral backbone.

How many atrocities have occurred throughout history because too many people were “just following orders”?

I hope these people will reach a point where “enough is enough.” As the web of control spins tighter, these individuals will hopefully obey their conscience, not the perceived authority.

The overcompensating enforcers

Believes the mandate is good and demands compliance from others (sometimes even violently)

This group immediately attacks the character of their opposition, a sign of being emotionally manipulated. Their obedience to perceived authority makes them feel morally superior when, in reality, forcing personal belief systems down others throats is as immoral as it gets. Individuals have the right to choose for themselves. When someone thinks their opinion is so absolute that all others must be forced to comply, they display fearful, controlling behavior.

Those who use excessive force, demanding compliance from others are likely “power tripping.” The pig police dichotomy isn’t reserved for men in uniform. It is a character flaw that comes out when one has an unstable personal life. Lacking power/control/respect in one area of life leads to an overcompensation in other areas. This is why low-level roles with little authority (store clerks, TSA, mall cops, concierge, police) have the loudest shrill against dissent. Power corrupts, and those who feel powerless in their personal life will overcompensate in roles with even the smallest suggested superiority.

In less civilized times, this personality is one that would cheerlead the killing of others, categorizing their compliance to the herd as nobility. In modern times these “executors of evil” use shame as a tool for submission, as if disagreement with them is a disagreement with god (ultimate truth). This god complex is easy to spot and (thankfully) easy to change for those who feel they fit this description.

The logically consistent individual

Believes mandate is good, follows the rules, doesn’t require others to agree
Believes mandate is bad, doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t require others to agree

Although there are opposite answers to question one, what remains is the consistency of beliefs, actions, and requirements on others' behavior. This individual has personal convictions, understands their convictions are not shared, and respects the right for all to choose for themselves.

The moment one tries to force others into changing their behavior to fit personal beliefs, they become an “overcompensating enforcer.” The moment one forgets their personal convictions and complies just to follow orders, they become an “ignorant enabler.”

Analyzing personal beliefs is something that everyone should exercise. When an individual does this to its fullest extent, they will research the topic, logically break it down, and often finds the truth of the matter.

It is worth noting that this category of people, while “not requiring” compliance from others, is open to discussion about why they do/don’t agree with the mandate. This group does not get offended by discourse because they understand that there is always something to learn from the opposition.

This is my favorite group of people who inherently understand the non-aggression principle, which I paraphrase like this: live your life and convictions, and I will live mine. We can easily live harmoniously, but the moment you try to directly harm me, my family, or my property — know that I will come after you with as much force as I deem necessary to eliminate the threat. Living by this principle requires all parties involved to really consider the consequences before harming or stealing from another.

Bonus group: the creators of compliance

I wrote the mandate and have invested in ensuring that all shall follow. I’ll be sure to brainwash many to enforce on my behalf, so I don't have to do the work personally.

Those who pay the billions of dollars to get propaganda before the eyes of the masses are the “planners of evil” they are highly manipulative and use their power to get the first two groups to do their bidding for them. These people are extremely wealthy and, therefore, are not motivated by money. Their driver is power, power expressed in the form of control. These planners are the enemy of the masses and are very skilled at molding the subconscious mind.

Fear is a tool for this group. However, the tool is ineffective UNTIL an individual chooses to be fearful. Fear causes one to feel justified in their desire for others to change their behavior, saying things like “you just don't care about old people” or “you wouldn't understand because you don't personally know someone who died.” Fear becomes the center of their universe, leaving no room for logical decision making. These people are the perfect candidates to stay home. Those who are afraid should be logically consistent and stay home. Don’t expect others to change their behavior based on personal phobias, irrational by nature.


It is normal to encounter different opinions on a very controversial topic. However, be wary when an individual equates compliance with moral superiority. Obeying authority without regard to conscience is how genocides occur.

Take time to critically consider all sides of an argument and apply logic when forming opinions. Government-mandated responses are not always the most efficient or effective way to handle situations. We are free to critique ‘rulers’ with the intention of improvement. Remember, only slaves can’t question their master’s orders.

Whichever group you fall into, know that you can always change your behavior and, as a result, change your life. Except for the last group, it’s probably too late for the last group…..



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